Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vocal Harmonies: Kto Winien Jest

Czerwone Gitary: Kto Winien Jest


   Known, perhaps unfairly, as the Polish Beatles, Czerwone Gitary (The Red Guitars) mastered Fab Four harmonies and recorded superb pop songs in the mid-Sixties and beyond. Their second album sold more than a quarter of a million copies. They toured the Eastern Bloc and eventually began experimenting with exotic instruments just like their British counterparts. As late as 2007 they were still playing together, having released more than 80 albums.

     "Kto Winien Jest" (Who's Fault Is it) comes from the debut album.  It is a bitter song of lost love that may remind listeners of The Beatles' "This Boy". The singers ask "Who took away our laughter and joy and the way we held hands/ The trees sound the same, the seagulls sound the same but the wind no longer sings to us"

To see Czerwone Gitary in all their Beatlesque glory click here .

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