Tuesday, October 25, 2011

World Tour: Baby, Let's Go To Mexico

Sir Douglas Quintet: Baby, Let's Go To Mexico


While we're visiting Mexico....

The godfather of Tex-Mex rock'n'roll, Doug Sahm earned the nickname Doug Saldana from South of the Border fans. "They said I had so much Mexican in me that I needed a Mexican name" he told biographer Joseph Levy.

This song sure makes visiting Mexico sound like a good idea. I've been there a few times and I'd suggest visiting somewhere other than one of the country's famous resorts mentioned in this tune. The shot above is of Taxco, the silver capital of Mexico. It's a beautiful city with streets so narrow even the VW bugs used as taxis have to do three-point turns to get through town. One very "Taxco" experience involves another kind of bug: jumiles. Stink bugs that are often eaten alive. Quite spicy. And crunchy too.

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