Monday, January 9, 2012

All That Jazz: Zoot Allures

Frank Zappa: Zoot Allures


For those who have written off Zappa's music as a bit too busy and a bit too weird, here's a four minute instrumental that will hopefully make you give the former "Movie King of Cucamonga" another chance. Recorded live, the title track to his 1976 album is a mid-tempo jazz/rock fusion piece featuring Zappa's guitar solidly in the forefront. You can also hear Zappa regular Ruth Underwood on marimba, Dave Parlato on bass, Lu Ann Neil on harp and future Missing Persons Terry Bozzio on drums. (Only Bozzio and Zappa made the album cover.) Here's Zappa your grandma would like and , even so , a prime example of why he's a guitar god ( ranked #22 in Rolling Stone's recent list of Greatest Guitarists).

Not that the whole album is like this. In fact "Zoot Allures" is followed by the goofy "Disco Boy" with lyrics featuring Zappa's adolescent bathroom humor. As a certain 65 year old British rock star once sang "He took it all too far, but boy could he play guitar".


P. G. Montgomery said...

Blessings on you for posting this. The mp3 doesn't seem to be for sale anywhere, and the CD is hard to find--in stores anyway.