Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Suites and Medleys: Jack & Neal / California, Here I Come

Tom Waits: Medley: Jack & Neal / California, Here I Come


Sometimes you don't have to be in the gutter to be looking at the stars.  And sometimes, when you look at the stars it's only because you're winking at them as you give the moon the finger.

Beautiful losers making the ultimate road trip, New York to California.  Searching for something.  God, maybe, or maybe just a good time.  Cigarettes, cheap booze, benzedrine and girls who want all of those things, and are happy to share. You dream of Bird, even though Wilson Pickett's voice tells you that you're neither Kerouac nor Cassady, you've just borrowed their shoes for a while. Forget for a moment Dean Moriarty standing alone by the side of the road, that there is precedent and that these things never end well.  These things never end. Sometimes it's best not to sweat the big stuff.

Open up that Golden State, California here I come!

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