Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eateries And Watering Holes : Art School Canteen

Godley And Creme : Art School Canteen


Kevin Godley and Lol Creme were the satirical music geniuses behind 10cc. After 10cc's 1976 album How Dare You! they busted out on their own.

    "We left because we no longer liked what (Graham) Gouldman and (Eric) Stewart were writing." Godley told ProGGnosis—Progressive Rock & Fusion website in 2007. "We left because 10cc was becoming safe and predictable and we felt trapped."

   There's nothing safe about Godley and Creme's early work as a duo. Their second album  L, released the same year as 10cc's Bloody Tourists , is the real gem. "Art School Canteen" is just one of the memorable, highly polished tracks. ( A canteen is a more British way of saying "cafeteria"). It appears to be sung by a high strung art school student who asks a question I have yet to answer for myself:

Does getting into Zappa /
Mean getting out of Zen

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