Monday, August 13, 2012

Going the Distance: Moonlight Mile

Rolling Stones: Midnight Mile


The “Moonlight Mile” will likely conjure up different memories for each of us, for me it harks back to my first years living on my own. Granted, I purchased my first Stones LPs several years earlier: on a family trip to Greece (where albums were more available for purchase, I had scored Between the Buttons and Aftermath – must have been about ’69). I have been a Stones aficionado ever since. The two words [Moonlight Mile] evoke a night-time mood (in this case, a bit ethereal) and distance (would that I could run a mile in the 5.55 minutes it takes to play this song!)

So what is a Moonlight Mile? Here, we’ve got a piece from 1971’s Sticky Fingers. There’s acoustic guitar that builds into a slightly heavier electric atmosphere, but in this case, with lots of other orchestration: extensive use of strings, and a dreamy style that evokes later works like Goats Head Soup (Angie?) and at the same time presages in style what is coming next in Exile on Main Street. We’ve got Mick Taylor (before he quit! the Stones) doing some really nice slide guitar work. The piano playing in the back is amazing. Serendipitously, Bill Janovitz (a recent post of mine) comments on this beautiful piano work by Jim Price among the other positive critique he offers at . Apparently Mick Jagger plays a lot of the acoustic guitar here.
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