Monday, September 3, 2012

What Songs Look Like: She's Gone

I really miss posting on SMM, but like so many of us here, I've got no host at the moment. What I really miss is the sheer fun of sharing stuff, so I'm going to take full advantage of Darius's creative theme this week and just have fun with some music.

So what does "She's Gone" look like and do penguin flippers adequately express the emotional loss of the singer's lyrics? If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing this video before, then let me be the first to introduce it to you. Or rather, let's let John Oates introduce it his own bad self, from this 2009 interview:

Well, I’ll give you a little background about what happened with that “She’s Gone” thing. First of all, it was 1973. There was no MTV, there was no outlet for anything like this. You know, it might be one of the first music videos ever made. I really couldn’t say, honestly, but it definitely would be a contender. What happened was, we were asked to lip sync “She’s Gone” for a teenage TV dance show broadcast out of Atlantic City, New Jersey. And we really didn’t want to do that; we didn’t want to pretend to sing the song. It was supposed to be shot in a television studio in Philadelphia. So we thought, with the mindset that we were in at the time – and I won’t say more on that, either…They thought we were completely insane. They actually didn’t air it; they wouldn’t air it. But we had it this whole time, and eventually I leaked it out to the internet, ’cause I just thought the world should see it.

I think in light of how I'm feeling about the music industry at the moment, I share this "Take that, you guys!" attitude.

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