Thursday, October 4, 2012

Birthstones: Topaz Moon

Becky Buller : Topaz Moon


Within bluegrass circles, Becky Buller is known as a young woman with impressive talent, musicianship and dedication. Buller fiddles with a buoyant, silky touch of the bow. She also sings with an unmistakable sweetness of tone and wholesome sound. As a songwriter, Buller has been prolific with an enchanting repertoire of engaging compositions. In 2001, she took first place in the bluegrass category of the Chris Austin Songwriting Contest at MerleFest in Wilksboro, N.C. Her material has been recorded by many “big” names (if there are such things) in the bluegrass community.

At age 13, Buller took up fiddle and joined her parents' band (Prairie Grass) in southern Minnesota. In 1996, she became Minnesota's Junior Fiddling Champ. Classical violin lessons and music studies at East Tennessee State University helped her become even more well-rounded. After graduating in 2001 with a degree in public relations, she began performing, touring and recording with Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike. Buller's first solo album, Rest My Weary Feet, in 2003 set the stage for many great things to come.

On her eclectic Little Bird album in 2005, Buller showed that she can write new material with traditional leanings in the style of a 1930s brother duet ("The Master's Garden") or contemporary songs with interpretive twists like "Topaz Moon" and "Save Your Goodbye." Her music delivers plenty to thrill acoustic music fans. I see that she and Valerie Smith also collaborated on a 2011 release entitled Here’s a Little Song, and I need to hear that album one of these days.

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