Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Birthstones: Ruby Tuesday

The Rolling Stones: Ruby Tuesday (via YouTube)

Now … I was ‘round and actively listening to this stuff called rock (not too far – relatively - from St Petersburg) when this song came out, and my exposure to it was when I picked up a copy of Between the Buttons in about ’67. Although many of the songs on the album (is it only me?) call up a (bland) taste of Herman’s Hermits (cf: Something Happened to Me Yesterday), Ruby Tuesday has survived the intervening 45 years fairly well.

One source credits Brian Jones as author – reporting that he (fact) played the tune on a recorder. Other sources tell the story of Keith Richards’ input. My guess is that Jones conceived the music and Richards took the next steps. Jagger has clearly said that it isn’t his work, but that he always loves singing it. It is, like most Stones songs, credited to Jagger and Richards.

Like the diamond, the red ruby is the subject of this week’s theme of Birthstones. It is (currently) the birthstone for July, but it hasn’t always been so: Wikipedia tells us that before the 19th century, it was the birthstone for December, not July. And in Hindu lore, it equates with the month of August. I guess the good news is that it has always been special: ruby lips … What else comes to your mind (aside from the restaurant chain)?
My favorite lines?
"Dying all the time" 
"Cash your dreams before they slip away"

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