Sunday, February 10, 2013

Heart: Heartbreaker

Led Zeppelin: Heartbreaker via YouTube (above)


Valentine's Day = forever love, flowers, chocolate, diamond rings, matters of the heart ... Well, perhaps it depends on your defintion of "the heart". The source of life, the fount of our emotions, our hearts are heavily weighted with much more than simply pumping our blood. Often ... more than they can carry.

Whereas this week's theme aims to take you into (sweet) variations related to the usual Valentine's Day sounds of love, there is another perspective to the heart which doesn't always follow the romantic path. Savants say that to know true love, one needs to endure its negative: could be "Heartbreak". There is sweet (lite-pop style) heartbreak, and then there's heavier heartbreak.

In the '70s, Led Zeppelin came up with a number of songs that I would label as "romantic"- to me, Stairway to Heaven evokes many romantic emotions. In other songs, there's lots of un-requited love in their lyrics (Whole Lotta Love), so ... despite the perception of Led Zeppelin as a rough/rock band, they often touch on love.

From their second album, Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker" is not "sweet". While including our focus word from this week's theme, the song embodies the rougher side of our hearts: we sometimes have to "break to make"- as painful as it is.  To move on, you may need to stop and start again. Catharsis, it's called.

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