Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Yes, that one! OK, OK, corny as heck, but dont'cha just love it? Luckily I am not referring to the wretched Boney M but to the rather excellent cover version by Minneapolis folk-punks Boiled in Lead, who for a short period in the 80s were a name to drop to shock in purist folk circles. Astonishingly, it seems they still survive, having just played their 31st consecutive St Patricks Day concert, still with the same central core of original members, ablaze with fiddle, dulcimer and mandolin. And drums. Loud drums, bass and electric guitars. It's true, I haven't heard any new material  since about 1990, but intermittent offerings have appeared as recently(!) as 2008. Whilst they often have been bundled into a celtic rock bag of convenience, this is in fact somewhat unfair, as their influences were a whole lot more diverse, incorporating eastern european, asian and even african themes on occasion. Indeed, I suspect it may have been their very eclecticism that failed to ignite them into a greater league. Be that as it may, Antler Dance, the record from which this comes, was their sharpest blade, scything away any sense of smug unitarianism.

I suppose I better let you hear the track. Annoyingly, in these post "DL" days, where the you tube is the universal portal of accessibility, this song is not currently available thereby. I'm sure it used to be, as I distinctly recall posting it in the blogboard I (shamelessly plug and) scribble into far often than I ought, a year or so ago. anyhow, gone now. But, it is available here via a server of what wiki calls controversial legality. Given the song seems lifted from a free coverdisc attached to FRoots magazine, my conscience feels relatively clear. Hell, I bought that very copy of this commended magazine, and also a copy of the aforementioned LP it came from.

Buy the LP (or you can download from i-tunes)

Now, what does it say about the current Russia/Ukraine Crimean punishment? Well, precisely nothing. I don't even know what Ukraine may have been, countrywise, prior to the russian revolution. I was, however, intrigued that the announcement made following the Crimea poll was announced by a statue of Lenin. I was surprised any were left in the ex-soviet sphere. I suppose we should be glad it wasn't Stalin.
Bit more BiL? This is my favourite song of theirs, and is probably balkan. It's called Cunovo Oro.

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