Saturday, May 9, 2015

Darkness: After Dark

After Dark, by Tito and Tarantula


Tito and Tarantula: Wikipedia describes them as an "American Chicano rock/stoner rock band".
But you would mostly recognize them as the house band in Quentin Tarantino's "From Dusk To Dawn". And really, could there be a better band to pull of the sleazy, blues-drenched soundtrack to Salma Hayek in what is probably the best albino python laden vampire/stripper routine ever in a movie?
These guys are low down groovy and play a pulsing Tex-Mex influenced blues rock. The stoner descriptor comes from the moody atmospherics, with the acoustic and electric mix of guitars vibing in strange ways. Their albums are pretty varying in style and sounds, yet each one contains a strange sense of something different, close to identifiable but perfectly odd and sonically unique. It's hard to quantify their sound, but it goes good with beers and driving late nights. Perfect cool.

Check 'em out here  

...And take a listen to "After Dark" Live
and the studio version...

 And, then, there's this...I really can't ever hear this song without seeing her...

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