Monday, March 6, 2017

Middle: Oh Yoko

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Andy La Ray Gun had me contemplating how the Beatles might fit in next. Mission accomplished - at least for now. "Oh Yoko" solves that equation.
We get a chance to visit Lennon in the middle of a bath, a shave, a dream and the night. Yoko is always on his mind. And had been for quite some time:  the date for the song is '71. Lennon and Ono's documented relationship goes back to 67 or so, with a child born in 68. There are those who would call it more of an infatuation than a relationship, but it seemed to work for them.
Critics weren't as terribly impressed with Imagine, the album where the song appeared, as they were with Plastic Ono Band. Me, neither. It wasn’t until Double Fantasy that I once again enjoyed listening to his/their work again. Much more so. And there, in place of "Oh Yoko", we now have "Dear Yoko".  Again, there are those who say that the peace, harmony and love that come through on Double Fantasy is just that: a fantasy, after his several year absence from the music scene. And then, that same year, he was gone.
"Oh Yoko" is light - one of the major criticisms of much of Imagine. But it's playfully light, with a simple structure, and [overly] repetitive lyrics. And, there is a catchy-ness to it that keeps it in my mind 35 years later despite its faults. We talk about the success of (the Beatles), and even as far back as "Twist and Shout", the simplicity was there - but there was an element of artistic drive that is missing from much of the Yoko-inspired "art". IMHO.
Still, a primo example of <Middle> for your auditory enjoyment and reminiscence.

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