Friday, March 31, 2017

prison:momma tried

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It wasn't until after I had made my choice that I realized that, curiously - as I post this - it's just a few days short of the one year anniversary of Merle Haggard's death (April 6, 2016). I was simply thinking this song was a classic that ought to be included in a prison theme, so I can't claim foresight for choosing it at such a serendipitous time.

You may well know that the man himself spent time in the klink, hence his first hand knowledge of what he sings:

I turned 21 in prison doing life without parole ..

And, considering my previous post, wherein I ruminated about the prevalance of prison in country music, you might think I am trying to prove a point. Not so. It's just coincidence.

Haggard touches on the subject of nature/nurture when he notes that:

Momma tried to raise me better but her pleadings I denied

Again, classic country themes - raised by mom, I had an honest home life, but things happened and here I am ... doin' the best I can.

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