Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Call it a stop gap, call it compromise, hell, no, I call it serendipity. I'm in Paris and the french do good prison, whether Devil's Island or Chateau d'If. And, when in Paris, where better to start than Bastille?

I am uncertain why UK post-rock electro-rockers chose the name they did, but I'm glad they did. (OK, so there wouldn't have been this post, make up your own mind?!) So, why the name and why, and it is as simple as singer and band originator, Dan Smith, having his birthday on quatorze juillet, perhaps a little later than the storming. I think they are great. In existence barely since 2010, they have produced 2 albums of joyous triumphalism; semi-electronic power-pop anthems, hinged with a choral splay that delights my ears. 2 albums in, both are magnificent, and live, they are a joy. Go.

From the point and purpose of giving substance to this piece, I should add that the Squeeze and I duly made our way to Place de la Bastille this week. And? Move on, nothing (much) to see, they destroyed it in 1789..... Hey, ho, much like musical genres.

Imprison yourself

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