Saturday, April 29, 2017

motown 70s: I want you back

purchase Jackson 5 [I Want You Back]

A last minute post for the Motown 70s theme. Actually several days in gestation - paragraphs written and deleted (talk about Berry Gordy? Yes. No.)

And so, before the theme expires, at least to share some of the music that cropped up.

I loved the evolution of the Jackson five as seen in this collection of clips. First off,-  above -  we've got Jermaine as the definite front man of the group) Jermaine's name is all over the backdrop. The full clip has the MC talking to Jermaine about "his" group.

Fast forward a few years - same band/different front man (no surprise!)


And then a couple of covers to round it out. Starting with Cheryl Crowe at the White House
Janelle Monae at the Nobel Peace Prize 2011


And in case you need one more (but do not miss this one!) The Piano Guys.

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