Thursday, June 12, 2008

Advice: Kingston Advice

The Clash: Kingston Advice


I know I already posted a track from Sandinista, but c'mon, it's a triple album for goodness sake.  This is a pretty depressing track.  The best advice that The Clash have to offer, given the state of the world, is "don't beg for your life".

In these days you can get no rice
No razor blades but you can get knife
In these days see the people run
They have no food but the boy have gun
In these days they don't throw the stone
Nor use the voice they use the gun alone
In these days to be an oddity
Be hunted down like a scarcity

In these days don't beg for life
Wanna take Kingston advice?
Oh please don't beg for your life


Uncle E said...

Man, I love this song, and Sandinista!...well, it's sad that it never got the respect it deserved. You're right, it is sad, but then so much of the album had a much more serious tone (sonically, especially) than anything prior. I think "Straight To Hell" from Combat Rock comes close, though.
Excellent choice!!