Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Advice: Never Follow The Yellow-Green Road

Mort Garson: Never Follow The Yellow-Green Road


A trippy take on "The Wizard Of Oz", Mort Garson's "The Wozard Of Iz: An Electronic Odyssey is a must have for fans of brain-melting psychedelic weirdity.

A big heap of Moog weirdness, for the fearless traveler.

(Wikipedia info).


brendan said...

haaahhh!! where did you find this?

my friend collects synthesizer albums. I dabble. from what i understand Mort Garson is the best of the best, with Plantasia taking top honors (a record to help grow your plants!!).

go mort. thanks man!

Matt said...

Yeah, it's a pretty fantastic mind-ride, eh? The whole album is, in fact.

This is the only Mort I have... I wanted to credit where I got it from, but after my last computer maintenance/ reinstalation, I realized I forgot to backup all my bookmarks. D'oh! That info is lost to the ether.

When I googled up, to track down the album art, I noticed a few links that looked like they had this available, so maybe look around there? Best of luck.

Matt said...

Ah! I remembered where I got it:
Digital Meltd0wn