Monday, June 9, 2008

Advice: Don't Get Sad

Ida: Don't Get Sad


I find this advice to be a little odd, honestly. Not exactly sure how taking one hand out the glove would help anything, but maybe I'll give it a shot next I suffer a loss of some kind.

put on your coat and your hat and your gloves
and go walking
take one hand out of your glove on the street when you're walking
look straight ahead
don't turn around when you're walking
nothing can hurt you now
don't turn around when you're walking away

Quite a beautiful little number though, as are most songs by these folks.


boyhowdy said...

I know Ida through their kidfolk work under Elizabeth Mitchell's name. Delicate, gorgeously organic versions of classic songs (both kidsongs and stuff from Velvet Underground, Bob Marley, and more) remade for kids with very cool parents.

In fact, Elizabeth Mitchell songs appear in NINE out of the 113 posts on my blog. Check some out here.

Matt said...

I like how it starts out sputtering, like a trouble-some transmission, then envelopes like a small living-room, filled with people exciting to be sung to by.