Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cities: Night Boat To Cairo

Madness: Night Boat To Cairo


Although they lost their way later in their career, Madness was actually a really cool band in the beginning. Absolutely and One Step Beyond, along with The Specials and Special Beat Service, are a couple of the coolest examples of the early 80's 2 Tone Ska revival.

I was a total wannabe when it came to the whole ska thing, but I have a few really cool memories of backyard concerts with local ska bands, skanking on warm summer nights in Fresno, the town where I grew up.   To this day the genre still puts me in a good mood.


Anonymous said...

Hey - I have memories of gettin' down to ska bands in Fresno too! Checkmate, Let's Go Bowling...

(j mentioned you were contributing to this blog - glad to see you a full-fledged author now)

bwrice said...

Wow - what an amazing coincidence. I've actually seen Let's Go Bowling. Fun times in the 'No!