Sunday, April 27, 2008

City Songs: Huntsville, 1969 and Wintering In Brooklyn

The Last Town Chorus: Huntsville, 1969
The Last Town Chorus: Wintering In Brooklyn

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The first song I heard by Last Town Chorus was a cover of the David Bowie hit "Modern Love", and I was blown away. The arrangement, the performance... everything about it really, totally floored me. This past Christmas-time, from my favorite barista, I recieved Wire Waltz, The Last Town Chorus' second release. The album fully met, from front to back, my high expectations, and I've been gung-ho about them ever since.

Well, "them" is a bit misleading, actually. The "band" is singer/ pedal-steel player Megan Hickey with a variety of backing musicians.

I'd highly recommend this to anyone who likes Neko Case, Wilco, or any such other wide-ranging Americana-type sounds. Both of these songs, incidently, are on Wire Waltz.

There are a bunch more tunes for preview on the official band site, and I'd strongly suggest going over and giving your ears a treat.

The Last Town Chorus is on tour supporting Kathleen Edwards right now: The full schedule is on their site. If you like these songs, or any others you might take a chance on, you should really go see them live. I know where I'll be on the 2nd of April!