Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring & Flowers: (Nothing But) Flowers

Caetano Veloso: (Nothing But) Flowers


According to Wikipedia, David Byrne wrote these lyrics while admiring the flowers at the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens. I, too, have been inspired while roaming the grounds down there, but I've never come up with anything like this. I guess that's the difference between a guy that's been the leader of one of the coolest New Wave bands (and a damn-fine solo artist!), and a guy that, well... a guy that basically lives in a closet! Huh. Funny, that.

Here we stand
Like an Adam and an Eve
The Garden of Eden
Two fools in love
So beautiful and strong
The birds in the trees
Are smiling upon them
From the age of the dinosaurs
Cars have run on gasoline
Where, where have they gone?
Now, it's nothing but flowers

There was a factory
Now there are mountains and rivers
you got it, you got it

We caught a rattlesnake
Now we got something for dinner
we got it, we got it

There was a shopping mall
Now it's all covered with flowers
you've got it, you've got it

If this is paradise
I wish I had a lawnmower
you've got it, you've got it


I've always liked the Talking Heads version of this song, which was on their 1988 release Naked, but don't have a copy of it to share, at this time. Fortunately, I've got a most excellent cover version by a gentleman named Caetano Veloso.

I don't know much about the guy, but his Wikipedia page let me know that he is sometimes considered the "Bob Dylan of Brazil", has been releasing albums since 1967, and has won five Latin Grammy Awards. Good enough for me!


"(Nothing But) Flowers", the Talking Heads version, made it to #73 on the UK Singles Chart.


Anonymous said...

Great version of a great song. Click HERE for the Talking Heads version, if anyone is interested. As you said, it is also pretty cool.

Matt said...

BIG THANKS, Berrett! It's been years since I've had the original!