Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring & Flowers: Roses In The Snow

Nico: Roses In The Snow


A few days ago it was over 70 degrees in Minneapolis. This morning (read: afternoon) I wake up to snow?!?! Shesh...

Quite disillusioned by that smirking trickster, Mother Nature, I simply don't have much to say. Nico's glacial delivery seems to express my feelings well.

"Roses In The Snow" is an outtake from either The Marble Index (1969) or Desertshore (1970), released on the 2007 compilation The Frozen Borderline.


bwrice said...

I'm having trouble with the download on this one. Anyone else?

Matt said...

Did you get it to work? I tried it out and didn't have any issues.

bwrice said...

Yup - It's downloading now. Not sure what the problem was before. Thanks.