Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring & Flowers: Sunflower

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The Beach Boys - Cool, Cool Water

Beautiful album, I think I'll listen to it in full as soon as possible. Spring and Summer are finally here and that always piques a little more interest, a little digging deeper still, in my 2nd favorite musical group of all time. Wild Honey, Friends, 20/20, Sunflower, Surf's Up... what a run. Thank you summer, thank you Beach Boys.

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Anonymous said...

Great album!

Anonymous said...

they're freaking awesome!

East Bremerton flowers

bwrice said...

Wow - what a cool tune. I have never taken the time to get into the Beach Boys (except Pet Sounds), but I'm starting to wonder if I should.

Matt said...

Nice song post.
Excellent link! I love that technical-detail stuff.