Monday, August 18, 2008

Horns: Tuatara

Tuatara: The Streets of New Delhi


Tuatara: Afterburner


According to their bio page on "Tuatara is one of the more surprising and slightly ridiculous supergroups in rock history."

The band originally formed in 1996 with a core group of Peter Buck, Barrett Martin, Justin Harwood, and Skerik. Artists who have been a part of the group or have collaborated with Tuatara over the years include Scott McCaughey, Gary Louris, Victoria Williams, Mark Eitzel, and others.

Freedom from their established bands allows the members of Tuatara to follow whatever path their musical muse might take them down. Jazz, funk, rock, and world rhythms are all thrown into a blender with often mixed results, but it certainly is interesting to hear these alt-rockers try their hands at jazz and other musical styles.

Here are two tracks from the 1998 release, Trading with the Enemy. Most of the horns are provided by Skerik and Los Lobos' Steve Berlin.

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