Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Silly Songs: I'm a Bear

Flotation Walls: I'm a Bear

I'm Amelia Earhart!
Just kidding...I'm a bear.

This song is so hilarious to me, but then again, I love absurd humor. It's definitely one of those song where you hear it and your first reaction is "What the...?". But as far as songs that literally make me laugh out loud go, this song takes the cake. It's so bizarre, it's most certainly not something I've heard anything like before.

Unfortunately, other than their MySpace page there is little information on this band, let alone this song. The band is from Columbus, OH, that much is for certain, but beyond that they seem to have taken on many forms over the years and this song is probably almost 10 years old by now. I've known about it since at least 2001 through a friend who included it on a mix who got it from a friend who included it on a mix, who heard it through someone who knew the drummer or some such.

All I know is that this song is priceless as far as the content. Whether or not they were even intending on this song being so funny, I don't know. But any indie rock song that is from the perspective of rather sarcastic hungry bear can't be too serious, I mean, come on!

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