Monday, January 19, 2009

Hope and Change: Things Can Only Get Better

Howard Jones: Things Can Only Get Better


I admit, I was inspired by Darius' post. I love 80s pop music, not because it's so wonderful, but because it reminds me of my youth when I listened to the radio a lot more, and also because the music of that era was just a lot more fun and different than things are these days, and perhaps were in any other decade.

I had looked through my music yesterday to find ideas for this week's theme and came across this classic Howard Jones song. I smirked, listened to it and sang along and thought "it would be kinda perfect, but I dunno", but then when I saw Darius' post I felt it was kismet that 80s pop got it's day in the sun here at Star Maker.

The song's infectious chorus states simply:

And do you feel scared? I do.
But I won't stop and falter.
And if we threw it all away
Things could only get better.

And what better way to say "change can be scary, but things have gotten so bad, what do we have to lose? We could throw everything we have out, and we'd still be better off than we are now". It appeared as the opening track of his 1985 album "Dream Into Action", a title that also seems quite fitting for our circumstances.

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