Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Creepy Crawlies: The Bees

Belly: The Bees


This is my favorite song by Belly (remember "Feed The Tree" from the 90s?). This song appeared on their sophomore (and final) album "King". The song uses bees as metaphor. Within the song we find a girl warning someone not to get too close because of the possibility of getting hurt (or stung) by her. She sings:

The bees behind my eyes sing beware.
I felt this image seemed appropriate as it combines symbols used to warn people of impending doom.

But what I love most about the song is the way it is sung in the tone of bees buzzing. Even the opening guitar riff hints at buzzing. The repeated and elongated vowel sounds make it perfect, especially in the chorus. Even the play on "bee-ware" is well played out. This idea could have been taken too far and been hokey, but instead it's perfect.

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