Sunday, May 10, 2009

Creepy Crawlies: Dragonfly

Universal Hall Pass: Dragonfly


I'll admit, this theme is bittersweet to me. It's great because I already have a ton of ideas for things to post, but it's not so great in that I abhor bugs and the idea of having to see all the images that will accompany posts this week will make me feel itchy and gross me out (notice I went with a sketch of the insect instead of a photograph for my own sanity). But I think it will definitely be worth it for all the fun this can be.

I love this song and am so glad to have an excuse to post it now. Universal Hall Pass is a solo project of Melissa Kaplan (previously of the Boston-based band Splashdown), a professionally trained vocalist whose vocalizations have been featured in a number of movies and video games. Her specialty is middle-eastern influenced vocalizations. Her lyrics are often tinged with Eastern religious themes but the music itself is rock with an electronic edge. I generally am not a huge fan of electronic, but used sparingly like she does, it's fantastic.

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