Saturday, May 16, 2009

Creepy Crawlies: I Just Killed Kafka

Eric Schwartz: I Just Killed Kafka


Eric Schwartz is a twisted genius, a brilliant degenerate... taking everyday characters and situations (Charlie Brown, elderly women downstairs neighbors, Bill Clinton... to name only a few) and warping them until they're like the printed warnings on passenger side mirrors of cars: closer than they appear - nothing and no one is safe. It's exhiliarating yet frightening to follow his meandering musical paths that are equal parts hysteria and horror, delight and disgust - imagine what it would be like to inhabit his brain for a while?!? (oh, no... can't go there... :-)

This is Eric tackling the age-old problem of what to do with an unwanted night-time pest, weaving good fun and great literature with a pop-rock-meets-Russian-dirge melody... as he personalizes and metaphorizes and eventually euthanizes - SQUOOOOSH!

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