Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh Mama : Blues For Mama

J.J. Cale: Blues For Mama


For this Mama week, being a roots music fan, I had a great choice. After narrowing down to twenty-some songs, I decided to hit "shuffle" and see what came out.

It was the sad song of the lot. But also one of the most moving songs of JJ Cale, from his come-back 2004 album To Tulsa and Back. I don't know if he lost his mother or any close relative prior to the recording, but you don't do this kind of mourning song for pleasure, I guess...

I've always loved Cale's sense of economy. No endless guitar solos, but a few notes, full of feeling, a few words too. People like Clapton or Mark Knolpfer owe him a lot.

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