Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh Mama: Mama's Got A Boyfriend

Eliza Gilkyson: Mama's Got A Boyfriend


Austinite Eliza Gilkyson -- daughter of folksinger and Disney songwriter Terry, who wrote both Memories Are Made Of This and The Bare Necessities, and sister of X guitarist Tony -- was a hardened performer of fifty when she finally hit the big time on folk radio with Hard Times in Babylon, an album which she has aptly described as "a diary of a season of loss." Two years later, she had turned her life around, and though the lighter lyrical tone which resulted wasn't as successful on the circuit, it did lend a strong smile to her increasingly road-weary voice as she continued to tour festivals and coffeehouses.

But though Lost and Found, her follow-up album on recently-featured label Red House Records, sold on the strength of her earlier work, it still contained some powerful tracks, framed by Gilkyson's stellar vocal delivery and some exceptional production. Case in point: the deceptively simple, heavily electrified blues dirge Mama's Got A Boyfriend, which practically begs for a roadhouse movie soundtrack placement.

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