Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh Mama: Mama’s Opry

Iris Dement: Mama‘s Opry


This one goes back to Iris Dement’s debut in 1992. It’s heard to believe it’s been that long since Dement hit the scene, and it’s just as hard to believe she wasn’t always here. Her music has that kind of timeless quality.

Mama’s Opry is a love song. It doesn’t go anywhere near what happens between consenting adults. This is the love of a grown-up child for a parent. You can tell that you have grown up when you start to appreciate what your parents gave you. Mama’s Opry feels true. The song tells us that it was her mother’s influence that started Dement on the path to becoming a musician. And Mama’s choice in music also gave the young Dement her first ideas about religion. As an adult, Dement found the talent to write this song, and say thank you.

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