Friday, November 13, 2009

Name-Droppers: Dropping Names Edition

Everclear: AM Radio


Narrowing down my long-list for this weeks theme from nearly 200 songs has proved to be quite a task. I knew of many but there were many more that my research revealed. Fortunately, some of them have already been posted thereby making it slightly easier for me to pick a few others.

Anyone who grew up in the 70's can identify with this one. ''You could hear the music on the AM radio", even "the Led Zeppelin" !

Travis Tritt: Outlaws Like Us


Hank Williams is mentioned in more songs than I care to count so for me to not include at least one would be unacceptable. This one by Travis Tritt has a few others artists singing on it too.

Paul and Storm: Old Keith Richards


In April of 2006 Keith Richards dropped out of a palm tree in Fiji was taken to a New Zealand hospital with a mild concussion. This song is somewhat a chronicle of the event. Ol' Kieth did more than just drop a name there.

Steven Brust: I Was Born About Ten Million Songs Ago


...and lastly,this guy is such a liar!

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