Friday, November 13, 2009

Name-Droppers: We're The Replacements

They Might Be Giants: We're The Replacements


I mean, for months we were on the road behind 10,000 Maniacs. We were playing the same cities, and in a lot of cases, the same venues -- but just, like, a day before, or a day after. You just come to realize that...every hotel you've stayed at, they were there the day before. Every highway you drive down, every truckstop you go in, every... venue you play, every PA guy you meet -- they've JUST MET these other people, who you thought you had nothing in common with, and then you realize you're living the same LIFE as [that other band]. So... the denotation of The Replacements is kind of a pun. - John Flansburgh

FiL posted a TMBG track just last week, but his Replacements tune below reminded me of this relatively obscure B-side name-dropper, and I couldn't resist the chance to drop one of our own names into the mix.

As noted above, this is just another song about life on the road, as was my earlier post for this week's theme. The band name in question makes for a perfect nod to "the replaceable nature" of bands on tour. I've never been on tour, but I suspect the feeling of anonymous interchangeability is a universal one. Must be pretty humbling.

Bonus points to Art Brut for their great and grungy 2009 song The Replacements, which describes disbelief at having discovered the genius of the band in question so late in life [a sentiment I can certainly sympathize with]. We don't post new music here on SMM, but the tune is available free to stream at, and well worth the listen.

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