Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Name-Droppers: His Indie World

Mary Lou Lord: His Indie World


I was reminded of this song after reading and listening to Susan's submission of the Todd Snider track. This is another song that consists almost entirely of lists of artists. In this one's case, it's a song about how she doesn't feel like she fits into a guy's life because his life is just one long reference to the indie rock bands he loves, and she'd rather sit around listening to "Joni, Nick, Neil and Bob". The references are used so familiarly at times that they're merely first names that only an avid music fan would be able to get the reference right away.

The song was released on her first EP which came out in 1995 and the references are to the indie music of that era. It's an adorable little two minute guitar-and-girl ditty that always makes me smile.

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