Saturday, January 30, 2010

Live: Fred Eaglesmith "Down the Pike"*** Edition

Fred Eaglesmith: Drive In Movie

Fred Eaglesmith: Harold Wilson


I recently saw Fred Eaglesmith and his band at a small coffeehouse in South Florida - you can read the full review on my own blog here (if only to enjoy his "nuns and heaven" joke!)...

The group is musically tight, Fred is riotously funny and they can rock out like nobody's business (see Boyhowdy's take on Freight Train here) - I'm already composing a post for Leftovers Week of Fred's remaining train songs... :-)

What the evening reinforced to me, however, is the stunningly-poetic nature of Fred's lyrics... and his absolute ability to Break... Your... Heart - I couldn't choose between so you get both (one personal, one topical), which I can justify since it's a 2-disc set. Break out the Lone Star and the Kleenex - then go buy this Official Bootleg Series Volume 2 (Volume 1 is Fred solo)...

***As I went back and forth between the two songs, in an attempt to narrow it down, I realized both included the phrase "down the pike" - Meant to Be...

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