Tuesday, February 16, 2010

O Canada: Green Eggs and Ham

green eggs and canadian bacon

Moxy Fruvous: Green Eggs and Ham

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I came late to the Fruhead table, but like many fans, once I fell for their irreverent, geeky lyrics, lightly instrumented four part harmonies, theatrical performance, and political savvy, I was in for the duration. We've posted crowd favorite King of Spain before, as part of our Aristocrats theme; head back in time if you want to hear my favorite Moxy Fruvous track, or to learn more about the band in its heyday.

Today, in an attempt to match the irreverence introduced by David's McKenzie Brothers post earlier in the week, we turn to what is perhaps the most requested cover ever to have been posted on Cover Lay Down: Moxy Fruvous' nerd rap remake of Dr. Seuss classic Green Eggs and Ham, which came from their eponymous 1992 six-song demo tape. I converted the track from cassette myself; to this day, the song, like the demo it came from, remains a complete rarity.

Sadly, Moxy Fruvous broke up in the early Naughties after a decade on the road. But all four band members remain quintessentially Canadian: Murray Foster performs and tours with Great Big Sea; Dave Matheson produces other Canadian singer-songwriters and is an active member of the Guild of Canadian Film & TV Composers; thanks to a grant from the Ontario Arts Council, Mike Ford tours schools with a repertoire of historical songs about Canadian history. And after a failed attempt at a solo musical career, Jian Ghomeshi hosts an arts and cultural program on CBC, where he made the blogs last year for an awkward moment with Billy Bob Thornton in which the popular actor-turned-rockabilly singer made several inappropriate comments about Canadian audiences, calling them "mashed potatoes without the gravy."

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