Saturday, March 13, 2010

1979: Chemistry Class

Elvis Costello: Chemistry Class (Live Solo)


The music on Elvis Costello's third album, Armed Forces, is probably a little more accessible than that of his first two which was much more spare and angry. However, while the music of Armed Forces is more accessible and new wave, the lyrics were, if anything, more angry. This is where we begin to see the Elvis Costello we would see more of in the coming years. With references to torture tables, the final solution, Hitler, Checkpoint Charlie, the Murder Mile, and much more on this album, this is Costello at his angry best.

However, all of these references can also be viewed as metaphor for difficult relationships. The working title of the album was Emotional Fascism.

This is the album that introduced me to Elvis Costello, and I still love it today. This is a live version of Chemistry Class that's worth checking out.

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