Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1979: La Chute Edition

The Fall are still going strong as we speak-ah, so it boggles the mind a bit when you realise they put out their first two albums way back in 1979. Live At The Witch Trials, which was not a live album at all of course, was let loose on an unsuspecting public in January, while follow-up Dragnet got its release in October of that glorious postpunk year. Their line-up had already changed by then, which would happen lots of times in the cult band´s future career.

Only inimitable vocalist annex lyricist Mark E. Smith has been a constant factor throughout-ah. "I don´t sing I just shout, all on one note..." Inspired by the pioneering Pistols of course, but also by garage- and Krautrock, rockabilly, Beefheart and the Velvets, he´s a true Manchester original. For over thirty years now, the former docker has personified the Fall´s unique musical outlook: uncompromising, cynical and often wickedly funny. Or as he proclaims in Two Steps Back: "Everybody likes me, they think I am crazy, I pull my string and I do my thing..."

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