Saturday, March 13, 2010

1979: Jimmy Jazz

The Clash: Jimmy Jazz


I know that everyone who is even remotely interested in The Clash already has London Calling. In that sense there's little reason to post a song from the album. But can we close off a week about 1979 without paying tribute to what is, in my opinion and that of many music journalists and bloggers, the greatest record to come out of that year? Everyone already knows all the stories about this record so all I can add is my personal experience: John Cusack said that The Clash taught him how to "think for himself, to rebel and to work at being his own man". I don't think I can quite say that, but The Clash definitely taught me that there was an entire world of music that I had never imagined. To this day, thirty years later, I probably never go a month without listening to them. Hail to 1979, if for nothing else, for producing London Calling!

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