Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Medical Conditions: Ready or Not

Jackson Browne: Ready or Not


Wikipedia states:

A medical condition is a broad term that includes all diseases and disorders, but can include [injuries] and normal health situations, such as pregnancy, that might affect a person's health, benefit from medical assistance, or have implications for medical treatments.

This definition does not even begin to take into account *emotional* health and other implications... such as new appliances... and outgrown clothing - fortunately, Jackson Browne has that covered (pun semi-intended... :-)

I've been a fan of JB's since his eponymous debut album in 1972 (still referred to by some as Saturate Before Using)... but this classic tune is from For Everyman, his sophomore recording released the following year - my husband and I met in college about this time, and the album played an integral role in the soundtrack of our courtship...

In a tracklist of mostly mellow, heartfelt and in-depth songs, the comic relief of Ready or Not was welcome - I've always loved the juxtaposition of the opening lines vs. the second verse, as her jeans become the metaphor for the relationship...

Someone's going to have to explain it to me
I'm not sure what it means
My baby's feeling funny in the morning
She's having trouble getting into her jeans...

I met her in a crowded barroom
One of those typical Hollywood scenes
I was doing my very best Bogart
But I was having trouble getting into her jeans

I also adore the way Browne sings the line "she's gonna be a mother", his voice laden with affection and pride (I've read that the tune is autobiographical) - after all of the hemming-and-hawing about being prepared, it appears a family is a sweet fait accompli...

She says she's ready for some meaning
After all of her running around
Well bless my soul, she's got a rock-and-roll bandman
Thinking 'bout settling down

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