Saturday, March 6, 2010

Medical Conditions: Tu-Ber-Cu-Lucas and the Sinus Blues

Huey "Piano" Smith and the Clowns: Tu-Ber-Cu-Lucas and the Sinus Blues


Here's a fine slice of 1959 New Orleans R&B from the man who also gave us the "Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu". Though not as well known as some of his contemporaries, Smith is one of the greats, having played piano for more famous pianists Fats Domino and Little Richard, among others.

David Lindley: Tu-Ber-Cu-Lucas and the Sinus Blues


Another musician not as well known as the stars he's played for, David Lindley can basically play anything with strings. After the demise of his wonderfully eclectic world-music-influenced psychedelic group Kaleidoscope, Lindley spent most of the '70s backing up the likes of Crosby & Nash, Linda Ronstadt, Warren Zevon, and Jackson Browne. His version of "Tu-Ber-Cu-Lucas and the Sinus Blues" comes from his first (and perhaps best) solo album, El Rayo-X, from 1981. My only real complaint with this track is it ends far too soon.

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