Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting There: The Metro

Berlin: The Metro


Do you remember when every song featured a synthesizer? Then you're as old as I am! Bet you remember legwarmers and fringed t-shirts tied at the sides, too.

Berlin was an American synth-pop group that made it big in the 80s with their oft-banned hit Sex (I'm a…), which featured the vocals (and heavy breathing) of Terri Nunn. The Metro was the bigger MTV hit, though. The Metro of this New Wave song is the Paris mass-transit system.

I just got back from London, which also has a subway/tube/Metro system. My own home town is slooowly building a light-rail system, but otherwise we remain chained to the auto. So when I travel, I adore the speed and flexibility of these urban necessities. Beyond London's version (the oldest) and Paris' Metro, I've tasted the delights of mass-transit systems in Tokyo (where cell-phone conversations are banned, FYI, but everyone is madly texting away), Kyoto, Munich, Mexico City, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, San Francisco, and New York. You residents are so lucky to have these systems. Go ride one for me, 'k?

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