Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getting There: Eye of the Hurricane

David Wilcox: Eye of the Hurricane


Motorcycle songs often seem to come to a bad end, at least for the driver. We saw that last week in Vincent Black Lightning, and here it is again. The driver of the bike called the hurricane seeks the solitude and freedom a motorcycle can provide. The roar of the engine locks the world out, and the rider is free, if only for the duration of the ride. Perhaps this is why motorcycle riders in pop songs are usually rebels. David Wilcox is more interested in that sense of freedom, or of shelter, if you prefer, than he is in rebellion. Even so, when the end comes for his rider, there is still a sense of inevitability about it. But what a ride!

I must confess that I have never been on a motorcycle myself. My description of the feeling is what I understand from the songwriters I have heard on the subject. So, I will ask the motorcycle riders in our audience, how did I do? Did I get it? Comments, please.

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