Saturday, February 4, 2012

Getting There: A Perfect Night For Flying Carpets

Kevin Braheny & Tim Clark: A Perfect Night for Flying Carpets


We haven't posted much ambient music on SMM. Maybe all we need is this one and you can easily extrapolate, heh. It's from a collection from the syndicated radio show Music From the Hearts of Space, created way back in 1973 and that features "space" music. The show's format segues the songs one into the other (often making it sound like one long song), bookended by the calm and ethereal voice of host Stephen Hill, who sounds so serene that he should be the guy who gives people any bad news. I used to catch the show in my car, waiting to pick up my daughter from youth group on Sunday evenings. Given that she's a pretty social creature and prone to post-group chatting, I'd wait through a long bit of what I'd call "Music for Old Farts In Space." Chill out, peeps!

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