Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello: Hello City

Barenaked Ladies: Hello City


Can you believe it's been over a year since we posted a song from the biggest nerd-rockers to come out of Canada since Leonard Cohen went electric? This cut opens Barenaked Ladies' debut album Gordon, making it the very first song of theirs to tickle the ears of a huge number of early adopters; whimsical, bouncy, and well-supported by the harmonies and fluid bass that epitomizes the very best products of their early line-up, it's long been a favorite, and I'm thrilled as treacle to be able to offer it up here.

As a personal aside, I am shocked to note that Gordon is now twenty years old - meaning that after my Sunday post on Guster's early evolution, my own personal sub-theme this week has accidentally become "college rock I listened to when I was in college", a.k.a. "bands that are really old but I remember as young". The jaded lyrics on this tune, especially, are a bit dated and immature, but nostalgia never hurt anyone, I suppose. Also, check out Ed's haircut on the original cover above. Hello, indeed.

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