Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello: Hello San Francisco

Buddy Guy: Hello San Francisco


To aspiring blues musicians, it’s really not fair that there are people like Buddy Guy. Guy is known for the crying tone he gets from his guitar. But then again, his more recent work has been acoustic blues. And, on Hello San Francisco, we find him playing the staccatto lines of classic Chicago blues. The unfair part of it is that Guy sounds great on all of it. He’s a blues chameleon, and I have yet to hear him try anything that didn’t work. Here, the interplay between his chattering guitar and the more fluid piano part is classic, and the occasional accents from the sax are just a wonderful bonus. Guy saves the crying tone on this one for his vocal. I think this is the vocal sound John Mayall used to try for, but could never pull off.

Let me just close with a special thank you to fellow Star Maker Bert for sharing this song with me.

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