Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hello: Hello Goodbye

I have a penchant for most things Creative Commons [Little Feat | Grateful Dead]. Roger Greenawalt's Beatles Complete on Ukulele is among my favorites. It is a project wherein he and his team aim to offer the entire Beatles collection online - provided each recording includes a ukulele. If you are a Beatles aficionado (and who isn't), it is an amazing, extensive, free, legal collection that grows by the week.

This week, and considering that the Beatles Ukulele project is up to about 150 songs now - almost any week/any topic, we are in luck, because the collection includes a recording of "Hello Goodbye".

I am going to crib from the notes that are included both online and embedded as text inside the mp3 files themselves because they are an excellent source of Beatles trivia: you really can't find better - for factual details and personal opinion. The website "liner" notes for this song are a little thinner on Beatles ephemera than many of the others, but there is so much to learn from the extensive research the project coordinators have done for each of the songs. Much of the notes are personal opinion interspersed with informed asides: "John hated Hello Goodbye ..." and "Hello Goodbye is Paul's Imagine".

As for the music, Sharlotte Gibson does an incredible job: she makes the song her own but manages to keep it true to the Beatles' original. I didn't know it myself until I checked it out, but the notes ID her as one of the [past?] backup singers from American Idol.

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