Sunday, March 11, 2012

Irish Accents: An Irishman in Chinatown

Luka Bloom: An Irishman in Chinatown


This week, we are going to go a little barmy over St Patrick’s Day here on Star Maker Machine, and celebrate for the entire week. They say everyone is Irish on St Pat’s, so all of our songs will be Irish in some sense as well. The fun will be in seeing what that means from song to song. I’m going to start us off pretty close to home. Luka Bloom is an Irish singer-songwriter, and this song has a very traditional sound, musically. But the scene is New York City. Here is a displaced Irishman, a frequent theme in Irish song and story, who meets a woman displaced from China. Or does he? The song also displays that wonderful sense of humor for which the Irish are so justly known.

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